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Tow Truck Web Design

A Mobile Friendly Update

Interstate Towing & Recovery represents a mobile friendly update.   They have had a website for a long time, but the old site did not work well with phones.   As you might expect, tow truck companies receive a large amount of their web traffic from people on the road.

It is critical that towing companies have websites that look great on phones.  Dirt River Design helped them offer a clean layout for both people on the road and those at home.

Site Features:

  • Click to call buttons
  • Dual layout for mobile and desktop devices
  • Clean simple look
  • Contact forms
  • Maps

Meaningful updates that are not obvious to users:

  • Domain continuity:  The old site was using http and http://www.   Now the site only uses https://www.   This simple change helps the site rank better.
  • SSL encryption everywhere. 
  • Removed flash based components.  Flash will be removed from most browsers by 2021.
  • Corrected/added SEO tags
  • Changed the site platform.  – Edits can now be done directly on the page.
  • Increased server security
  • Tied site together with Facebook (added domain authority).
  • Added event tracking to log.  We can now see how many people call from the site and use the contact form.
  • Tied in other critical google services


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