Heater Part Store

Heater part store is a full fledged e-commerce solution for the sale of EdenPURE heater parts.

The site runs on wordpress and uses woocommerce to facilitate sales.  Plugins extend standard features, and custom code work helps everything work as planned.

The original site was not mobile friendly, and search engine optimization was difficult.

Site Features:

  • E-commerce options.
  • Store management
  • 100% SSL
  • Integrated Analytics of site Traffic
  • Improved SEO
  • Mobile friendly

Ongoing work:
More parts will be added. They auto-populate to the corresponding page for the desired heater.

After a probationary period we intend to add features to allow the site to push ads to advertisers.

Search engine monitoring and advertising information will be used to improve SEO over time.

Like to get started?