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Dirt River Design: Web Design Services

It does not matter what kind of business you have. We want to help you make money.

We do not publish exact prices for website design because each site is unique.  If you have an existing site the price will likely start around $1000.  Sites started from scratch will generally cost $1300 to $4500. If this is outside of your budget please give us a call so we can evaluate your business. We do our best to make sure our sites are worthwhile and pay for themselves.  Higher priced sites will include more features. Things like stores, credit card processing, and custom code are driving factors.

Our sites appear as a unified front to search engines, and we set up more than just a website.  Much of what sets us apart from our competition is not in visual appeal. It is what is under the hood that matters. We make sure that your site is well constructed for both users and search engines.  As part of our build, we audit how well your business stacks up to your competition online. We use the information to make a plan and outperform your competition.

Details can be shared at our first meeting (Planning meetings are always free).

We use Content Management Systems (CMS) to help you stay in control of your site. You will be able to update your own website with ease. We can provide on-site training to help you get started but, if you would like us to make routine updates to your site we will be happy to do that as well! We never want you to feel trapped by our service. If your site encounters problems, we keep backups and will always have the original copy.



When we finish a website, the relationship does not end there!

As part of your hosting package, we help keep your site secure by checking for updates and apply them to your site.

We track your site’s progress over time and make sure that we are seeing the performance we expect.  If we notice problems we fix or improve things as we go along.  (This can sometimes be as simple as changing a few words on a page.)

We make sure your site looks great on cell phones, tablets, and computers. Somewhere between 50 and 90% of traffic is now mobile for most business.

Our sites all use responsive design so you do not need to worry about screen size.  We make sure that your visitors are able to view your site on any device.  The content changes based on screen size. The goal is to help visitors find what they are looking for as fast as possible.

Responsive Design

Our sites are built with local SEO in mind.

The big secret to search engine optimization is that there is no secret.  Basic SEO is a boring set of rules and steps that describe how to build a web page that is friendly for search engines.  We take the time to do things right and over time your site will outrank your competition.

We look at your competition to see what they do right and what they do wrong. Our sites use a tailored approach to outperform them.

The goal of SEO is to do a better job of telling the search engine what your site is about from a client’s perspective.

We follow modern rules and perform tests on each page to estimate their effectiveness for search terms.  Real SEO is a refining process that takes place over time, and like any skill, it requires practice to be effective.

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