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Web Design in Crookston MinnesotaWeb Design in Crookston Minnesota

If you are looking for an affordable solution for web design in Crookston MN please give me a call. My name is Ben, and I run Dirt River Design located in East Grand Forks. I will be happy to drive over and have a meeting with you at a time that is convenient for you. I do my best to ensure that people are not taken advantage of by large national companies.

I am currently using wordpress to build all my sites for clients. This makes things easy on you if you would like to manage the site yourself. You should not need to rely on me or any other developer for simple changes. I will also provide some basic training and provide phone support to help you along as needed. No knowledge of code required. The editing page looks like a word processor.

Search Engine Optimization

I can build you a website that helps make sure your business is competitive. I am comfortable working against both local and national competitors. I analyze your business and your competition to find ways to out rank them.

Gimmicks and shortcuts are not used. I let you know what needs to be done and what content I would like help writing. Real organic search engine optimization usually takes a few months to be effective.

Local Listings and Directories

When I build a website for you I help you build or fix your online presence. For some businesses this step can be more important than having a website. Often businesses in Crookston MN have local listing created from information collected online. This can propagate false information. I make sure you have control of the most critical directories, and that they are setup correctly. Cohesion in what you have posted online is a big part of helping your business stay on top.

Site Metrics

It is not enough to say that a site is working or doing what you expect. I track user flow through the site, and watch site traffic over time so we know what works and what does not. I build websites designed to generate quality traffic. If the site is not working I will likely suggest changes. Depending on complexity I will usually make the changes for free.

Website and Business Advertising

To help speed along organic website ranking I can help you setup google adwords. Adwords setup requires some knowledge, but it may be the most cost effective form of self managed advertising available. The default settings waste money, but I help you direct ads at those searching for your good or service.

If you have any questions please give us a call. 701-732-0799

If you would like to start a project with us please take a look a the questionnaire. If you think you are going to use us for sure please fill out the questionnaire and send it to us. We will get the ball rolling and usually get back to you within the day.

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