Web Design in Crookston MinnesotaWeb Design in Crookston Minnesota

If you are looking for affordable web design in Crookston MN please give me a call. My name is Ben, and I run Dirt River Design located in East Grand Forks. I do my best to ensure that people are not taken advantage of by large national companies.

My sites WordPress which makes it easy to update the information on your site. I host most of my clients sites and include minor changes to the site in the hosting fee. If you make regular changes I provide training and phone support to help you along as needed. No knowledge of code required.

Search Engine Optimization

I am comfortable working against both local and national competitors. I analyze your business and your competition to find ways to out rank them.

Gimmicks and shortcuts are not used. Real organic search engine optimization usually takes a few months to be effective.

Local Listings and Directories

When I build your website i’ll also build or fix your online presence. For some businesses this step can be more important than having a website. Often businesses have local listing created from information collected online. This can propagate false or dated information. I make sure you have control of the most critical directories, and that they are setup correctly. Cohesion in what you have posted online is a big part of helping your business stay on top.

Site Metrics

It is not enough to say that a site is working or doing what you expect. I track user flow through the site, and watch site traffic over time so we know what works and what does not. I build websites designed to generate quality traffic. If the site is not working I will likely suggest changes. Depending on complexity I will usually make the changes for free.

Website and Business Advertising

To help speed along organic website ranking I can setup google adwords. The default settings waste money, but it can be an effective tool if used to help boost your organic ranking.

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