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Remove the Tapatalk Banner on PHPBB

I noticed tapatalk removed the ability to turn off the banner on phones. Usually, you only have to exit out once, but some browsers have problems. My forums already run a mobile friendly theme so tapatalk is a legacy item that I like to keep around for members that use it.

I’m not impressed that Tapatalk is encouraging people to pay to build your own app for the ability to turn off the feature.


Find the Following File:

Find this line. (It is currently around line 205, but moves version to version)

$app_head_include .= $app_banner_head;

Comment it out.

//$app_head_include .= $app_banner_head;

(you can do this in CPanel or a text editor and save over the file via ftp)

Also, make sure you “Purge the cache” on the general tab in the PHPBB Administrator Control Panel.

I have seen some other people delete appbanner.js as an alternative to the method above, but I think that could result in an error. Do it at your own risk.


  • New forum members will not be instantly turned away by thinking they have to download an app
  • People that have cookies disabled won’t get angry.
  • Depending on theme your mobile page load time will drop significantly (Improved SEO).
  • Make more money.  I have found that the payout on tapatalk cannot compete with regular ads.


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“Remove popup Tapatalk”
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With Tapatalk

Remove the Tapatalk Banner Before
Google Render - Remove the Tapatalk Banner Before

Without Tapatalk

Remove the Tapatalk Banner After
Google Render - Remove the Tapatalk Banner After

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