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Mobile Friendly or Multi Device Design:

Our sites all use responsive, mobile optimized design.

Multi-device design is generally referred to as responsive web design, and it has become the industry standard.  New commands added to coding languages have made dealing with variable screen sizes easier. Before 2013 most websites used fixed dimensions. Modern design uses a more complex fluid structure to help web pages adapt to the space provided on a screen. If your site is older than 2013, it likely does not look great on devices with small screens.

As time goes on there are more and more mobile devices. Over half of all local internet traffic now comes from mobile, and that trend will continue.  Tailored content for mobile users is important. The reason why you have seen a return to minimalist website design is to help direct people on mobile devices and PCs to the answers as fast as possible.

Mobile Friendly Web Design in North Dakota Example 1
Mobile Friendly Web Design in North Dakota Example 2

Mobile Friendly Web Design in North Dakota

If you would like an update for an existing website please give us a call.  We will come up with a competitive quote. If your current content can be updated and/or reused your site can have a new fresh look at a fraction of the cost. If you are switching to us from national competitors we may be able to save you money in less than a year.

About Dirt River Design LLC

Dirt River Design is a web design and development company that serves Grand Forks, Devils Lake, Grafton, Crookston and surrounding areas. We specialize in helping companies move their business and advertising online. If you have been thinking about getting a website or need an update please give us a call.