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Online Advertising With Dirt River Design

Save Money with Local Online Advertising:

Paper, radio, and TV ads have a place in the world, but they may not target your audience.

Local online advertising lets you select your target audience with laser precision. If you want to target by location, age, gender and interests you can do it.

What We Do:

We help with setup and targeting. The default settings advertising companies use will burn up your ad budget.  They make money when you spend it.  We want to make sure to target people that are only interested in what you are trying to sell. If you’re an electrician your ad had better only show to people looking for electricians in your service area.

What does it cost?

Ad campaign setup is usually included when you host with us. The initial ad campaign bridges the time gap while your site builds organic search rank. As long as changes are infrequent we’ll just keep you pointed in the right direction.

Ad campaign money goes directly to google or facebook. For most companies, around $100 has been enough to bridge the 3-6 month gap for organic SEO to work. Ads use bid based pricing so the amount of money needed depends on industry competition.

Services We Set Up

Local Online Advertising Services

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