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Content Management Systems

What is a content management system? Unfortunately, the term is not clearly defined.  How we use the term: A content management system is versatile framework  that uses a database to generate content in a web interface. You could think of a content management system like a restaurant. You have a kitchen where you put the food together and you have a dinging room/storefront where you serve the food. Content management systems have a front end which is the storefront  and a back end which we will call the kitchen. The nice part about content management systems is that the fridge is usually fully stocked.  All you have to do is start cooking.

Most of the sites created by Dirt River Design use content management systems. Why? Because it helps simplify the process for both our clients and our designers.

There are hundreds of content management systems available on the market.  Some of them are free and some of them cost money. We tend to use the free ones because they have the largest development networks and are the most likely to be around in the future.

Tens of thousands of man hours have gone into developing platforms like wordpress, drupal and joomla. There is little point in reinventing the wheel for basic website. The platforms are proven and upgradeable for free.  Simple changes are easy to make so clients are free from having to request constant updates from the web developer.

About Dirt River Design LLC

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