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Local Scam Report:

Original Post Jan 29/2015

Local business owners:  You may receive a call from 701-369-3893 or 701-369-XXXX.  The phone number is registered to Level 3 Communications, LLC.  They are using quest as their carrier.  **See 2017 Update.  If you ask them what company they are working for and where they are physically located they will likely hang up on you.

The caller will initially claim there is a problem with your Google+ account and that they have made multiple attempts to contact you.  The wording is designed to make you believe they are a representative of Google. Please do not provide them any information. It is clearly a scam, and they are not affiliated with Google in any way.

If I happen to receive another call from them I will be sure to get more information posted here.

Edit: 9/6/17

The number is now out of service.

I got a call this morning letting me know that Level 3 was a legitimate company and that it may be slanderous to say they are responsible for the scam.   I will clarify…. When the original post was written in 2015,  there was not an easy way to identify that Level 3 Communications was providing numbers to other spamming companies.  At the time it appeared that they were renting a block of numbers from Quest. The paper trail points to them.   While Level 3 Communications may not be directly responsible for the phone calls placed in their system I’m not the first person that was mistaken in thinking they were responsible.





If you need to file complaints with Level 3 Communications.

abuse@level3.com or calling 1.877.2LEVEL3

For repeat offenders.


Also, it is good to make sure you are on the federal do not call